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Trends for 2016: Compassionate Leveraging of Your Consumer’s Emotional Motivators

By Shawn Nason / January 28, 2016 /

This month we have discussed engaging with customers across the communication platforms they prefer, innovating wearable technology to monitor and increase the quality of life metrics, and developing or expanding your footprint as a socially responsible organization. These three consumer experience trends for 2016, highlighted here this month, all stem from one critical concept: the…

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2016 Trends: Millennials and Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Innovation

By Shawn Nason / January 21, 2016 /

This week we took a look into another 2016 projected customer experience trend of incorporating social responsibility into a business model, highlighted by Richard Shapiro’s article in Customer Think. This particular projected trend centers on the influence of Millennials – an 86 million strong demographic (in fact the largest the US has ever experienced and who…

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Trends for 2016: Wearable Tech – What Do You Do With The Data?

By Shawn Nason / January 12, 2016 /

Last week we discussed one of the customer experience trends highlighted by Richard Shapiro in his article “Customer Trends for 2016” in Customer Think magazine.  This week we are taking a look at a second projected trend from the article – Wearable Technology. Wearable technology, while often trendy and marketed for its aesthetic, is a…

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Taking Flight! The Nason Group – Meeting People Where They Are!

By Shawn Nason / January 7, 2016 /

Today in our formal press release, we introduced our organization to the business community at large.

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Trends for 2016: Meeting the Customer Where They Are – Customer Forums

By Shawn Nason / January 5, 2016 /

Happy New Year from the Nason Group! With each turn of a new year, many organizations begin to review or employ updated customer experience strategies for their clients. Regardless of the type of customer your organization serves, there are some interesting and engaging trends forecasted for 2016. In an article for Customer Think, author Richard…

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