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They challenge the status quo and speak up when people and systems need attention. They’re not afraid to dream big, stand up for what is right, and take a few risks along the way.


MOFI helps maverick-minded organizations reap the rewards of thinking bigger and bolder about experiences, innovation, and culture.

Are you ready to fuel new growth by thinking bigger?

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Assessment & Discovery

Laying the foundation for Experience Ecosystem development by evaluating the current state of your organization’s culture, purpose, and impact.

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Research & Insights

Engaging the journeys, motivations, and behaviors of the humans who interact throughout your Experience Ecosystem and producing journey maps and personas to bring the research to life.

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Strategy & Design

Using human-centered design to co-create strategy and alignment to develop the network of touchpoints that make up your organization’s Experience Ecosystem.

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Sprints & Summits

Designing and leading experiential in-person and virtual events where humans are equipped, challenged, and inspired to engage the consumer, create alignment, and solve big hairy problems.

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Activation & Training

Working together to implement and activate your Experience Ecosystem strategy by engaging stakeholders throughout your organization in co-design sessions, interactive training, and change management initiatives.

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Let's Tear Down Some Experience Silos Together

An Experience Ecosystem™ is the web of people, touchpoints, and systems that combine to define the experiences of everyone who interacts with an organization.

To leverage experience as a competitive advantage—one that increases engagement, loyalty, and revenue year after year—requires engaging and humanizing the entire ecosystem.

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Know Me

All disruption journeys begin when you press the pause button, dive into the deep end of the empathy pool, and figure out how you can make your customers and employees feel known and cared for.


Surprise Me

By harnessing each new day’s opportunities and declaring that every night is opening night, you make people feel special and earn their loyalty.


Make It Easy for Me

The world already has plenty of overly complicated systems. We help our partners demolish the barriers that make customers and employees want to poke their eyeballs out.

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Launching bold new CX ideas by shifting mindsets and heartsets and teaching new methodologies that brought an estimated $8B in revenue.


Creating an organization-wide associate-care program during the COVID-19 pandemic that increased employee wellness and satisfaction while reducing absenteeism.


Aligning an entire organization around an experience promise, which increased their NPS by 60%.

What People Are Saying

“I’ve never been to a design sprint that was put together so well and was so engaging and so easy. The days went by so fast and we got so much work done and it was done in such a fun, creative way that I think this will stick with me forever. This totally transformed how I want to brainstorm and how I want to ideate.”

“I am always impressed with MOFI's ability to engage and activate an audience. If you are interested in elevating your consumer or patient experience, I would encourage you to reach out to the MOFI team.”

“The best facilitators I have had the good fortune to come across. They brought value beyond our goals and the only challenge has been how to get them more involved with my company. If you get the opportunity to benefit from their services, I have no doubt the result will be positive outcomes and exceeded expectations.”

“If you are interested in elevating the experience of your consumers or patients, I would encourage you to reach out to the MOFI team.”

“MOFI’s creativity and futuristic thoughts will bring your team to the next level."


Experience Friday Live!

Fridays @ 11:00a ET


Join Shawn Nason and Michael Harper as they navigate and humanize the complex world of Experience Ecosystems and connect you with game-changing experts who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

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In these five short Experience Matters videos, Shawn Nason sits down with Sean Slovenski, a CEO and healthcare expert, to explore the role that leadership plays in creating people-first Experience Ecosystems.

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Join the unapologetic Shawn Nason as he deep dives into the power, influence, and opportunities embedded in Experience Ecosystem. It’s time to blow up some silos and ignite an experience revolution by putting people first.

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