What We Do

Customer & Employee Experience

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Increase your revenue and
market share by aligning,
equipping, and empowering
the people in your
Experience Ecosystem to
create game-changing

  • Experience Ecosystem Assessment,
    Design, & Alignment
  • Experience Promise Design &
  • Training (Curriculum Development
    & Training Academies)
  • Employee Wellbeing Initiatives
  • Digital Experience

"Shawn and MOFI are action-oriented people with positive attitudes. They will assess the needs of your organization and bring forward a plan that will improve the effectiveness of your work product within weeks. They understand the importance of vendor management and partnerships, as well as the fiscal needs of the organization."

Human-Centered Innovation

Consumer-Centered_Innovation (3)

Move at the speed of your
customers by harnessing the
mindsets and tools of
consumer-centered design to
dream up, test, and launch
fresh ideas into your business

  • Design & Innovation Sprints
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Journey Maps & Personas
  • Innovation & Disruption Networks
  • Innovation & Disruption Centers
    (In-House and Virtual)

“I’ve never been to a design sprint that was put together so well and was so engaging and so easy. The days went by so fast and we got so much work done and it was done in such a fun, creative way that I think this will stick with me forever. This totally transformed how I want to brainstorm and how I want to ideate.”

Organizational Transformation

Organizational_Transformation (3)

Position your organization
for long-term sustainability by shifting the strategy, mindsets,
and heartsets of the
people who represent
your brand in the world

  • Experience Maturity Modeling
  • Systems & Culture Discovery
    Sessions & Co-Design Sessions
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Transformation Roadmaps &
  • X1 Summits
  • Interactive Training & Change Management Initiatives

“I can honestly say that I have NEVER achieved more in my business life than when I partnered with MOFI. We dreamed big, created great, and did it the right way—with the customer as boss."

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